Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics
  • Are you a logical thinker?
  • Are you mechanically minded?
  • Are you interested in trains, planes, ships and/or automobiles?
If you said YES to ONE of these questions – this job sector may interest you. South Africa's transport infrastructures: air, rail, road and sea are used to transport people, goods and animals 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Careers and jobs under Transport & Logistics range from entry level positions in warehouses to logistical managers to aeronautical engineers. If you want more information about careers in Transport & Logistics, click on the different sectors on the left (or below) to find different and interesting job descriptions.
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Job descriptions

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Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most challenging and exciting fields of engineering where you work with the latest technology. Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineers are mechanical engineers who work to develop new technology for aviation, space exploration and airborne defence systems.

Aeroplane Pilot

Take to the open skies as an Aeroplane Pilot. Soar above the earth transporting passengers or cargo from one place to another. Protect our borders in a fighter jet or help farmers spray crops for disease and insects. As an Aeroplane Pilot there are so many different choices you can make.

Air Cargo Agent

Air Cargo Agents co-ordinate the shipment of freight. They also keep track of delays in departure to make sure that cargo reaches its destination according to plan and on time.

Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Air Traffic Controllers maintain the safe orderly and efficient flow of air traffic. They monitor the movement of aircraft along major air routes and around airports by giving pilots instructions and advice as to height, speed and course.

Aircraft Assembler

The job of an Aircraft Assembler will depend on what they trade they study. Most Aircraft Technicians have a mechanical or structures qualification.

Aircraft Baggage Handler

The job of an Aircraft Baggage Handler is to load and unload luggage and cargo off coming and going aircraft. They usually work at airports and sometimes are required to help the maintenance or ground crew, when necessary.

Aircraft Composite Structures Worker

Aircraft Composite Structures Workers are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Composite Structures Worker is to make sure aircraft are in good shape structurally. They are responsible for the physical parts, not the mechanical parts.

Aircraft Electrician

Aircraft Electricians are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Electrician is to inspect, trouble-fault, repair and maintain all the complex electrical systems on an aircraft.

Aircraft Electroplater

The job of an Aircraft Electroplater is to use an electro-chemical process to plate aircraft parts to protect them from corrosion. They may also reconstruct worn parts to their original dimensions and standards.

Aircraft Instrument Mechanic

Aircraft Instrument Mechanics are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Instrument Mechanic is to inspect, install, trouble-shoot, repair and maintain all the avionics equipment.

Aircraft Loader

Aircraft Loaders pack, load and unload aircraft and transfer freight and baggage between airport buildings and aircraft. They also assist passengers to and from aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

What is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer? An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is also known as an AME. They are responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft and to make sure that it’s air-worthy.

Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanics are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Mechanic is to keep planes operating safely and efficiently. People’s lives are at stake which makes this job extremely important. Aircraft Mechanics regularly service aircraft, overhaul engines and parts and test the every-day smooth running of the aeroplanes.

Aircraft Painter

Aircraft Painters are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Painter is to maintain the coatings on the aircraft. The Aircraft Painter will have to be trained in safety, colour blending and painting techniques. Their work is physical, so an Aircraft Painter should be relatively fit.

Aircraft Radiotrician

Aircraft Radiotricians are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Radiotrician is to carry out the maintenance of all communication systems on the aircraft.

Aircraft Sheetmetal Worker

Aircraft Sheetmetal Workers are in demand! Aircraft Sheet Metalworkers manufacture sheet metal components from which aircraft are assembled. They mark off and cut sheet metal according to engineering drawings.

Aircraft Trimmer

Aircraft Trimmers are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Trimmer is to maintain the interior of aircrafts and cabins. They need to maintain a high quality of service and stick to strict safety guidelines.

Aircraft Welder

Aircraft Welders are in demand! Aircraft Welders work on aeroplanes and other kinds of aircraft like helicopters and spacecraft etc. Their job is to weld and repair aircraft components.

Airline Station Manager

The job of an Airline Station Manager is to manage all flight & ground operations at an airport. Depending on the size of the airport the Airline Station Manager might even sell tickets and help with baggage etc.

Airport Fire Fighter

Airport Fire Fighters are specialised fire fighters. Their main job is to make sure crew and passengers are evacuated and safe during and after an an airport ground emergency.

Airport Planner

An Airport Planner’s job has many responsibilities. They are in charge of all airport facilities including the following: the design, improvements, maintenance and expansions to buildings, runways, taxi and bus terminals, roads, cargo terminals, fueling areas, hangers etc.

Boat Skipper

Imagine the wind in your hair and the taste of salt water on your lips. Imagine cutting through waves in a boat, visiting exotic places or fishing on the big open and rough sea. If this gets you all excited, then maybe a life as Skipper is the career path for you.

Bus Driver

A Bus Driver drives a bus professionally. He/she carries passengers safely from one bus stop or bus station to another. Some Bus Drivers work locally (in towns) and others nationally (driving passengers from one city to another).

Bush Pilot

A career as a Bush Pilot requires intricate flying skills and a sense of adventure! A Bush Pilot is a person who is able to fly small airplanes to and from areas usually inaccessible to larger aircraft or other means of transportation.

Cabin Attendant

Cabin Attendants are in demand! A Cabin Attendant’s job is to help make flights as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible for their passengers. They are also known as Cabin Crew, Air Stewards or Flight Attendants.


A Chauffeur is like a ‘luxury driver’ who is usually employed by large companies and wealthy individuals to drive luxurious motor vehicles or limousines to destinations of the passenger’s choice.

Chief Engineering Officer

A Chief Engineering Officers are in demand! They are in charge of all the engines as well as electrical systems, generators, plumbing, water desalinization, air-conditioning, ventilation, heating and refrigeration.

Chief Mate/Master

The Master/Chief Mate is the head of the deck department. The Master/Chief Mate is responsible to the captain for the safety and security of the ship.

Clearing & Forward Agent

A Clearing & Forwarding Agent can also be known as a Logistics Forwarder / Customs Clearer or Customs Broker. They can work in factories, warehouses, courier companies or companies that deal with import and/or exports.

Clearing & Forward Agent

A Clearing & Forwarding Agent can also be known as a Logistics Forwarder / Customs Clearer or Customs Broker. They can work in factories, warehouses, courier companies or companies that deal with import and/or exports.


Couriers collect and deliver documents and packages from companies and private residences. They usually use light delivery vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and in some cases deliver on foot.

Deck (Navigation) Officer

A Deck (Navigation) Officer is an important member of the ship’s management team. They are in charge of the very expensive ship, cargo and/or passengers on board. The goal of most Deck (Navigation) Officers is to become Captain.

Deck Officer

Depending on the size and employment of the ship, a boatswain may be employed. If carried, the boatswain, generally a senior able seaman will act as a foreman of the ship’s deck crew and as the chief mate’s representative on deck.

Delivery Person

Does being out on the open road appeal to you? Then the life of a Delivery Person/Driver may be the right career for you. A Delivery Person/Driver will usually make local deliveries whereas a Longhaul Driver will drive from city to city.

Diesel Electrical Fitter

Diesel Electrical Fitters can work in train yards, power stations and in private homes. In a train yard, a Diesel Electrical Fitter’s main job is to install, maintain and repair wiring on diesel locomotives. Diesel Electrical Fitters use very technical equipment and hand tools.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants are in demand! A Flight Attendant’s job is to help make flights as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible for their passengers. They are also known as Cabin Crew, Air Stewards.

Forklift Operator

Forklift Operators are responsible for the load and unloading of trucks. Some Forklift Operators are also required to keep records of incoming and outgoing goods. The may also need to check that goods are not damaged on arrival. Forklift Operators need a licence to drive a forklift.

Functional Yard Operator

The main job of a Functional Yard Operator is to control the shunting of trains. They also receive and dispatch trains from the yard using specialised equipment.

Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter Pilot – Are you well co-ordinated and enjoy flying? Are you passionate about helicopters? Can see yourself talking visitors to SA for flips over the city or doing rescue work, etc? Why not consider a career as a Helicopter Pilot?

Importer / Exporter

What is an Importer? Someone who imports (legally brings in) goods FROM a foreign country into South Africa to sell.
What is an Exporter? Someone who exports (legally gets and sells) goods from South Africa TO a foreign country.

Logistics Manager

A Logistics Manager heads up companies that are involved in the moving, handling or storing goods in any industry – transferring goods and materials from manufacturers and suppliers through to customers. This can be carried out locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

Petrol Pump Attendant

Petrol Pump Attendants fill vehicles and motorbikes with petrol or diesel. They also clean windows and monitor tyre pressure.


What is a Pilot? Commercial Pilots are in demand! There is a shortage in SA. A Commercial Pilot is a pilot who has the necessary qualifications and can therefore get paid for flying airplanes. These planes may be flown for international carriers like SAA or for freight planes carrying cargo or carrying tourists etc.


Radartricians are in demand! A Radartrician is a person who has specialised in electronics and radar equipment. Their job will be to maintain and repair radar equipment. It’s a very responsible job.

Railway Signaller

A Railway Signaller is also known as a Signalman. A Railway Signaller has the very responsible job of making sure that trains arrive safely and on time, without disruptions.

Second Mate/Officer

The Second Mate is the third in command on a merchant ship and is a watchkeeping officer and the ship’s navigator. Duties vary, but the second mate is often also the medical officer and in charge of maintaining distress signaling equipment.


See under ‘Boat Skipper’ on our website for more details.

Store Person

A Store Person can also be called a Stock Controller. The main job of a Store Person is to manage the stock, from raw materials to finished product. The aim is of their job is to have enough stock to make or fill orders without having too much lying around.

Supply and Distribution Manager

A Supply and Distribution Manager usually works in a warehouse and is responsible for the planning, co-ordination, directing and controlling the supply of the goods which are made by the company. They are also in charge of the storage and distribution of the goods.

Taxi Driver

Taxi Drivers drive passengers from one destination to another. This job requires long hours behind the steering wheel and unusual working hours. This could mean you may work during and through the night.

Train Control Officer

The main job of a Train Control Officer is to make sure trains run on the right tracks.

Train Driver

Train Drivers operate both electronic or diesel trains. They carry freight or passengers. It is the Train Driver’s responsibility to inspect their trains, repair minor problems and report major defects.

Transport Clerk

A Transport Clerk usually works in a warehouse environment. They are in charge of checking goods (articles, containers or passengers) and keeping up to date with the numbers and paperwork.

Transport Service Manager

A Transport Service Manager usually works in a large production company and is responsible for planning transport routing schedules, dispatching transport (road, rail, air, sea) and directing the operations to make sure goods arrive at their destination timeously and unharmed.

Truck Driver

A Truck Driver is a person who drives a truck for a living. They move goods from one destination to another. Some drive short distances while others may drive longer distances between provinces or between countries.

Warehouse Manager

The main job of a Warehouse Manager is to manage the staff of a warehouse or storage facility. The Warehouse Manager makes sure that everyone is doing their work so the ‘flow’ of goods (in and out) is on time.