Sports, Sports Science and Recreation

Sports, Sports Science and Recreation
  • Are you passionate about sports?
  • Do you keep up to date with a sport or various sports events and statistics?
  • Do dream about working in the sporting industry?
If you said YES to ONE of these questions – this job sector may interest you. Careers and jobs under Sports, Sports Science & Recreation require you to be completely sports-mad! South Africa is a sport-loving country so there are lots of different career paths you could take - from being a professional sportsperson yourself to sports training and even positions in sports management. If you want more information about careers in Sports, Sports Science & Recreation, click on the different sectors on the left (or below) to find different and interesting job descriptions.

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Job descriptions

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Aerobics Instructor

Is keeping fit and helping others to get fit your passion? Do you have a flair for dance and fitness, then becoming an Aerobics Instructor could be just the job you are looking for. The job of an Aerobics Instructor is to design aerobic fitness training programmes for private clients as well as for classes. They must have a passion for fitness and be people orientated.

Amusement Centre Manager

Amusement Centre Managers perform a variety of duties at amusement or recreation facilities to make sure the centre runs smoothly.

Caddy / Caddie

The job of a Caddy (or Caddie) is to carry a golf player’s bag and clubs, and sometimes gives advice and support. He/she is usually an independent (self-employed) contractor and not employed by a golf club.


Coaches teach sporting teams or individual various skills to improve their performance.


Are you an ocean lover who would rather be in the water all day than working a desk job? Consider an adventurous career in diving, working underwater at various depths with breathing equipment and protective gear. There are many career options for an individual wanting to dive for a living.

Fitness Instructor/Trainer

As a Fitness Instructor, you would lead and organise group and individual exercise programmes to help people to improve their health and fitness.

Golf Caddy

A Caddy (or Caddie) carries a golf player’s bag and clubs, and sometimes gives advice and support. He/she is usually an independent (self-employed) contractor and not employed by a golf club.


A Jockey is a professional athlete who rides horses in horse races. The word, Jockey can also apply to camel riders in camel racing.

Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer is qualified to coach others to achieve a desired level of fitness. They usually work on a one-to-one basis or with small, more personal groups.

Professional Golfer

They are sportsmen or sportswomen who play golf professionally (as a career). If successful, they can become millionaires or multi-millionaires. Golf has offered sportsmen and sportswomen an opportunity to play sport professionally longer than any other sport.

Professional Sportsperson

The Professional Sportsperson has participated in his chosen competitive sport from a young age and is normally approached to take on professional status.

Recreation Manager/Officer

A Recreation Manager develops programmes at a recreational centre to improve the quality of life for the individuals at the centre.


A Referee is a person who usually has a whistle and makes sure that a particular sports game is played according to the rules.

They also make sure the players maintain discipline during the game. When there is an infringement, the Referee with blow the whistle and appropriate rules will be put in place.

Scuba Diving Instructor

Scuba Diving Instructors are Divemasters who teach recreational diving and train those who want certification.

Snowboard and Ski Instructor

A Snowboard / Ski Instructor usually work for ski resorts in Europe, USA and some parts of South America. In South Africa, we only have one resort, Tiffindell, in Kwa Zulu Natal and two ski schools: Ski School of South Africa, in Midrand, and The Ski Deck in Randburg, all of which may employ you as an Instructor.

Sports Administrator

Sports Administrators manage sports clubs or associations, undertaking activities such as promoting their sport, obtaining corporate sponsorship and refining the rules and structure of their sport.

Sports Advancement Officer

Do you have a wild passion for sport? Do and see yourself with a career in the sporting arena?
Sport Advancement Officers aim to provide opportunities for participation in sport for all sections of the community

Sports Agent

Does a career in the sporting world interest you but you would prefer to be behind the scenes. Why not consider a career as a Sports Agent?

Sports Coach

A Sports Coach is a person who through, instruction, direction and training, enables and assists an athlete or team to achieve levels of performance that they may not have achieved, if left on their own.

Sports Instructor

Sports instructors work mainly with children within a community or school. Their main focus is to help children gain sporting skills that will lead them to have a professional career in a particular sport.

Sports Manager

Sports Managers plan recreation or sport programs at various institutes or centres, e.g. gymnasiums.

Sports Official

You have a love of the Game but don’t want to play in the team – why not become a Sports officials.

Sport Officials are responsible for ensuring that rules and regulations are adhered to during sport matches, events or competitions together with referee.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a Hindu method which includes various exercises, breathing sequences and meditation. A Yoga Instructor, therefore, teaches these methods so that participants can reap the benefits and enjoy a feeling of healthy living, well-being and in some cases, spiritual enlightenment.