Safety, Security and Emergency Services

Safety, Security and Emergency Services
  • Do you like action and adventure?
  • Can you handle stressful situations?
  • Are you safety conscious?
If you said YES to ONE of these questions – this job sector may interest you. Careers and jobs under Safety, Security & Emergency Services can be very exciting – sometimes life-threatening! If you like action and danger, maybe this sector will interest you. Careers in this sector range from entry-level security guards to specialised Emergency Medical Trauma (EMT) personnel. Specialists who deal with natural disasters like flooding and terrorist attacks are also included in this sector. Volunteer opportunities such as a Police Reservist or positions with the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute) are also worth following. If you want more information about careers in Safety, Security & Emergency Services, click on the different sectors on the left (or below) to find different and interesting job descriptions.   Photo Montage above -  credits to: Binoculars, Fighter Plane, Holster, Bullets, Fire Engine - photos from Free Downloads    

Job descriptions

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2nd Engineering Officer

A career in Engineering could lead you to a life as an Engineering Officer on board a ship whether with the Navy or with a Commercial Shipping Company.

Air Defence Artillery Soldier

An Air Defence Artillery Soldier works in the SA defence force. They use specialised tactics and techniques during military and peace operations.

Air Observer

An Air Observer takes photographs from aircraft that can be analysed for military information purposes.

Air Operations Officer

An Air Operations Officer plans and co-ordinates air operations in the airforce. These include flight safety, flight plans and communications between the different sectors.

All Careers in SA Navy

There are lots of different careers paths in the Navy. For example: Combat Officers, Engine Room Attendants, Divers, Fire Fighters, People with skills in Hospitality, Logistics, Communications, PR, HR and lots more. You’ll be surprised what the Navy needs and hires. They even need people to play in the Navy Band.

Ambulance Worker

Do you want to help people who may be injured or sick? Do you like the adrenaline rush of emergencies, but can keep a cool head? Then being an Ambulance Worker may be for you.

Armament Fitter

An Armament Fitter / Weapon Systems Mechanic is responsible for inspecting, servicing and repairing all the weaponry and weaponry equipment in each unit of the force.

Ballistic Expert

Ballistic experts are responsible for the processing of crime scenes for ballistic related evidence; examining firearms and tool marks.


A Bodyguard (Close Protection Officer) is a specialised security man or woman who protects a person/s. People who need protection – usually include celebrities, wealthy or politically important figures.

Combat Officers

Naval Combat Operators are responsible for executing the Navy’s main function – maritime warfare. Naturally they are highly-motivated, well-trained leaders with the necessary expertise in putting complex computerised weaponry to effective use.

Commissioned Police Officer

A Commissioned Police Officer is a senior position and they are in charge of the management and support of running a police force in a designated area.


If you are interested in crime and/or crime prevention and you have a clear sense of what’s right and wrong, you might consider becoming a Criminologist. You need to be extremely hard working, focused and detail orientated.

Dog Handler

A Dog Handler is a trained police officer who together with their dog, help to prevent and investigate crimes.

Emergency Service and Rescue Official

An Emergency Service and Rescue Official is responsible for keeping risk to community down and to monitor the safe working conditions of emergency personnel.
Emergency Service and Rescue Officials are either qualified as Fire Fighters, Ambulance Officers, Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedics andAmbulance Paramedics.

Fire Fighter

Do you like danger and adventure? Are you brave and responsible? Can you handle stressful situations? If you said YES, YES, YES – then becoming a Fire Fighter may be the job you’re looking for!

Flying Squad Official

The Flying Squad Official provides a quick response to priority, serious and violent crimes in progress in an attempt to apprehend the suspect and to limit possible further danger to the victim.

Forensic Technician

A Forensic Technician may also be called a criminalist. They specialise in collecting physical evidence from crime scenes. Forensic Technicians work alongside forensic scientists in a laboratory.

Identikit Artist

An Identikit Artist works at Facial Identification Sections of the SAPS. They help draw up faces from verbal descriptions so that missing persons or criminals can be found.

Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic

What is an Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic? An Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic is responsible for giving victims or patients the pre-hospital care they need before they get transported to the hospital.

Military Pilot

Military pilots are highly trained professional pilots who work for the air force or army, flying military aircraft. A Military Pilot flies in the military (air force). Most men and women pilots specialise in one kind of aircraft, for example: Bombers, Flighters, Transport Planes, Fuelling Planes, Test Aircraft and Helicopters etc

Navy Diver

The SA Navy offers adventurous young people excellent training and a life of challenge and excitement as a Navy Dver. You should be a strong swimmer and not suffer from claustrophobia or a fear of heights.


Paramedics are in demand! Thousands of lives are saved by Paramedics every year! A qualified Paramedic is the person who gives pre-hospital emergency medical (life support) care to patients. They are usually the first ‘medical’ person to arrive at an emergency situation like an accident, fire, terrorist attack etc.

Paramedical Practitioner

A Paramedical Practitioner is described as being halfway between a Resident Medical Doctor and a Primary Health Care Nurse. They are there to assist the medical teams.

Police Diver

A Police Diver helps law enforcement by diving for bodies and to retrieve criminal evidence. They usually dive in dams, rivers and the sea.

Police Officer (Non-Commissioned)

A police officer is responsible for creating a safe and secure environment for all people in South Africa. As a member of the South African Police Service [SAPS] the police officer is directly involved in preventing, dealing with and investigating crime.

Police Psychologist

A Police Psychologists in the SAPS provide psychological assistance to personnel of the South African Police Service. They conduct workshops, do trauma debriefing and render counselling and psychotherapy.

Police Translator

If you can speak and read different languages well, you may consider becoming a Police Translator. Police Translators help police and other people in law enforcement by translating from one language to another.

Security Officer

A Security Officer makes sure that industrial, residential or commercial property, railways, stations and other facilities are safe at all times.


A Soldier in the SA National Defence Force can follow a career in a number of fields: Foot Soldier, Engineering, Ammunitions, HR, Catering, Intelligence, and many more. You can enter the army with a matric / or with a diploma or degree. You can serve your country AND do what you love doing!

Special Forces Manager

A Special Forces Manager is a highly trained and qualified member of the SANDF. They are responsible for the management of the special forces operations which includes training, preparation and monitoring military operations.

Special Forces Officer

A Special Forces Operator works in the SA defence force (SANDF). A Special Forces Officer is a ‘special’ soldier that has extreme training and skills and assists the regular forces during war and peace time.

Special Forces Operator

A Special Forces Operator works in the SA defence force. They use specialised tactics and techniques to win wars and maintain peace.

Traffic Officer

Are you interested in law enforcement? Would you like to work mainly outdoors? Are you confident and responsible? If you said, yes, yes, yes – then becoming a Traffic Officer could be the career you’re looking for!