Historical Sciences

Historical Sciences
  • Are you interested in history?
  • Are you interested in research?
  • Are you a good communicator?
If you said YES to ONE of these questions – this job sector may interest you. Careers and jobs under Historical Sciences require you to have great research skills. Writing reports, attending conferences and being able to debate your facts and findings will be necessary in these career choices. If you want more information about careers in Historical Sciences, click on the different sectors on the left (or below) to find different and interesting job descriptions.   Photo Montage above -  credits to: Historical Dig, Prof Phillip Tobias (Chris Kirchhoff)*, Stone Art (Graeme Williams)*, Skull (Graeme Williams)* * Media Club South Africa high-res photo library - other photos from Free Downloads    

Job descriptions

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Archaeologists are anthropologist that explore and study ancient human remains, artefacts, architectural features and structures from excavations and underwater recovery processes, in order to reconstruct the record of past human life and culture.


Palaeontologists are reserachers who explore the past, identifying the fossilised remains they find on controlled excations.

If you enjoy a solitary life and are a self-starter and don’t require supervision this career could be for you.