Government and Law

Government and Law
  • There are two ways of entering a career or job in government.
  • You can work IN government or you can work FOR government.
IN Government:

This means you want a civil service job or a political career. Basically you will be working for the people of SA. Qualifications in Law or Public Administration are usually required. Positions can be found in local, provincial and national government.  

FOR Government:

You could have a career or job in any one of these sectors, listed below. The government is divided into all kinds of departments and each department will need different kinds of skilled or unskilled people working in them.

For example: In the Department of Agriculture, Fishing, Farming & Forestry - government will need cleaners, admin staff, consultants, scientists, etc. Careers & jobs can be found in these sectors:   Agriculture, Fishing, Farming & Forestry - Animal Sciences - Artisans, Trades and Technicians - Arts, Media & Entertainment - Business, Admin, Finance and Sales - Construction, Engineering and Mining - Education & Training - Earth, Environment & Conservation - Gardening, Horticulture and Botany - Green Careers - Historical Sciences - IT & Telecommunications - Medical, Health & Life Sciences - Safety, Security & Emergency Services - Science, Technology and Mathematics - Social, Domestic and Community Services - Sports, Sports Science and Recreation - Tourism, Hospitality, Gaming & Lotteries - Transport & Logistics - Very Unusual Careers If you want more information about careers under Government & Law, click on the different sectors on the left (or below) to find different and interesting job descriptions.

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Job descriptions

Click on any of the below sub categories for Government and Law to view all the Job descriptions


Advocates conduct civil and criminal cases in courts of law. The advocate makes sure that all the evidence in favour of the client is put before the magistrate or judge and cross-examines the opposing party in court.


Attorneys are also known as lawyers. They give advice to clients when it comes to legal rights and obligations. They interpret the law with regards rulings and regulations for both individuals and businesses.


If you are interested in crime and/or crime prevention and you have a clear sense of what’s right and wrong, you might consider becoming a Criminologist. You need to be extremely hard working, focused and detail orientated.

Customs and Excise Officer

Customs and excise consist of three groups, one concerned with excise of affairs, th other with customs affairs and the last with paassenger and external affairs.

Equal Opportunity Officer

An equal opportunity officer implements and organises programs funded by the government, relating to equal opportunity employment.

Food Inspector

Food inspectors are responsible for inspecting foods such as meat, milk, fruit and vegetables to ensure they are safe to eat.

Foreign Affairs Officer

Foreign affairs officers represent the government by managing the relations between international organisations and foreign countries.

Intelligence / Policy Analyst

They collect and analyse information and data to produce intelligence and to develop and analyse policies guiding the design, implementation and modification of government and commercial operations and programs


Having studied and followed a career in Law the lawyer can work towards been elected to the Courts as a Judge.

A judge is an appointed or elected magistrate who presides over court proceedings.

Legal Assistant

Are you a quick & creative thinker?

Does working in the Legal arena excite you?

Working as a Legal Assistant means playing an integral role in the public and private sector.

Legal Secretary

Legal Secretaries perform secretarial duties in legal firms handling a wide variety of specialised tasks that require knowledge of legal terminology and procedures. Good Legal Secretaries can earn high salaries.


A Legislator is a person, generally in government, who writes and passes laws. They are most often elected by the people (public).

Local Economic Development Officer

Economic development in local government is all about improving the economy of an area, by attracting new businesses, encouraging investment opportunities, increasing job opportunities, promoting leisure and tourism and identifying opportunities for sustainable growth and development.
Local Economic Development Officers draw up local economic development strategies and implement actions to achieve all this.

Mail Sorter/Post Sorter

Are you practical? Are you Physically fit? Does a career in the postal services interest you?

A Mail/Post Sorter works at a postal office and separates incoming mail by address, either manually or by machine.

Meat Inspector

A Meat Inspector/Examiner is an individual who works in abattoirs (slaughterhouses) and examines meat to determine whether it complies with safety standards and is fit for public consumption.

Patent Attorney

Patent Attorneys work with industrial and intellectual property law to ensure that a Company’s intellectual and industrial property are safe.


Do you have a friendly attitude?

Can you work well with other and with very little supervision?

A career as a postman/postwoman can be very rewarding.

Prison Warden

A Prison Warden or Correctional Officer is someone who guards prisoners at one of the Correctional facilities in the country

Private Lawyer

Does the Legal world excite you?

Whether you have a background in the arts, sciences or a mix of the two, what you need to become a Lawyer is a genuine interest in the law and sufficent motivation to study this tough intellectual discipline.

Refuse Remover

A refuse remover collects refuse on a designated route according to a predetermined schedule.

Tax Official

Tax Officials are employed by SA Revenue Services, a division of the Department of Finance, and perform tasks of collecting taxes, auditing, interpreting and executing tax legislation, determining taxable income for organisation and individuals, auditing suspect cases of tax evasion, and administrating and processing data.

Traffic Officer

Are you interested in law enforcement? Would you like to work mainly outdoors? Are you confident and responsible? If you said, yes, yes, yes – then becoming a Traffic Officer could be the career you’re looking for!

Trial Lawyer

Does the Legal world excite you?

Whether you have a background in the arts, sciences or a mix of the two, what you need to become a Lawyer is a genuine interest in the law and sufficent motivation to study this tough intellectual discipline.

Water Service Works Operator

The water service works operator manages the purification process of water by removing harmful household and industrial substances from water.